Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Hollywood Museum

Holy crap, I haven't touched this blog since moving to LA in February! Quick update: LA is rad, and it's time to start documenting my findings a bit more. So here are some photos from my trip to The Hollywood Museum last weekend. In a nutshell, The Hollywood Museum is a totally touristy collection of Hollywood memorabilia on Hollywood Blvd. and Highland. And it's awesome.

The museum was originally purchased by the legendary Max Factor so there are lots of vintage cosmetics.

There was an exhibit on Marilyn Monroe when I was there, and this, apparently, was her makeup.

The basement is dedicated to “all things creepy and scary.”


You can see all my fancy iPhone photos here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn Windows

I've been super biz-ay as of late so was pleased to have the day off Friday, and I took the day to walk around the city and, among other things, update my Window Display Flickr set. Here are some of my faves:

You can't miss this Kate Spade window! Tons of brightly-colored ribbons are draped throughout the display with a screen looping their current (super quirky) Give Colorfully holiday campaign video.

I thought these New York Marathon-themed New Balance windows were so clever— love the crushed cups and map route graphics!

I know the stacked old teevee concept has been overdone at this point, but I thought it was quite appropriate for these "Lacoste Live" windows, plus the over-sized red stamp is quite fun!

PS: I also went to the Daphne Guinness Exhibition at FIT, and I must say, I'd kill for that wardrobe!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi! I just realized I haven't blogged since July. For shame! More to come soon...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mood Board // Neon

Whoa, where has the time gone?! Summer is half-way through and I am way overdue for a mood board. Since the weather is bright and steamy, neon feels like an appropriate theme. It seems like day-glo hues are everywhere. I see lots of ladies with neon nails, and I've even seen some florescent locks! There is no doubt that electric shades were big in fashion for Spring 2011, and the neon/neutral combo is easy to pull off. Neon hues in graphic design add a fun, youthful effect and I love the illustrative work of Laundry!, who often incorporate splashes of neon in their work. And finally, florescent lights in window displays are a great way to attract attention from the street.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ICFF 2011

I went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) over the weekend and came across some great design. As an environmental and print graphic designer, I actually found some of the booth designs and promo material more exciting than the furniture itself, but there is no denying that it was all inspiring!

Love the wrapping-surface vinyl typography throughout this display (plus the aqua-colored type goes well with the glossy pale pink and black lighting fixtures!)

oink oink. AREAWARE

When I get rich and can afford fancy furniture, I am getting everything from the Portuguese company Boca Do Lobo. I even adore the black-on-black zebra-print wallpaper!

This was a really cute way to distribute promotional material at Dupenny.

I've gotta be honest: I'm generally not into the whole eco-friendly design thing, but I was super impressed by these designs from Art of the Board which recycle broken skateboards to create furniture, environmental displays, etc.

Metropolis Magazine had my favorite booth design; they used cyan, magenta, and yellow strings to create the booth's structure and displayed old issue covers along the top.

Love Dorthy Draper! So of course I fell for this furniture by Kindel.

See more photos here!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mood Board // Botanical

It's almost 70 degrees here today and I'm totally ready to wave goodbye to this icy, frigid winter and say hello to some bright sunny flowers! Nothing says spring collection like some lady-like flowers, and there is an abundance of botanical adornment to chose from out there, particularly on shoes. These Nicholas Kirkwood Alice in Wonderland heels are amazing. Also, has anyone noticed the "flowers as head" editorial trend? Very kitschy, and I love kitsch. And botanicals have always been a fitting element in the beauty realm, but as far as I'm concerned, Anna Sui is the queen rose. She's managed to make flowers looks cool, sexy, and even a bit dangerous with her ubiquitous cosmetic packaging.

Now I am super ready for the real thing... c'mon Spring!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exquisite Corpse: On Holiday Mix

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend Liz and I are working together on creative projects under the nom de guerre Salt & Ash, and one of our non-client undertakings is an exquisite corpse project where we create mix albums along with coinciding artwork. The ball is once again in my court, and Liz passed me the design element "source of light". Having just got back from a long weekend in Jamaica, I've got the travel bug so decided to dedicate my mix to "going on holiday" (say it in a British accent)!

Feel free to download here!

Liz: Your element for the next album is... a "burn".

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bloomies Windows

The integration of bold black graphics with spectrum-colored lighting in these Bloomingdales windows is super sleek and striking! It's reminiscent of the L.A.M.B. perfume bottle and packaging that I'm fairly obsessed with. Great combination. As always, more photos of window displays here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mood Board // Feathers

When I first think of feathers the words "hippie" and "nature-y" come to mind: two descriptors I admit do not appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities in the least! However, the recent trend of feathers are definitely more glam than granola. Feather dresses, jewelry, and accessories are all over editorials of late. Stylesight, a fashion trend forecasting company, even created a "For the Birds" mood board showing feathers in recent advertising campaigns. I must say though, I am more captivated by the emergence of feathers in beauty: check out these amazing feather lashes from the shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar! Finally, in a more gothic twist, two of my favorite visual artists, Polly Morgan and Kate MccGwire, both incorporate feathers into their artwork to create hauntingly-beautiful taxidermied sculptures and utterly stunning, intricate installations.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Window Displays // Sale!

There are a helluvalot of post-holiday sales going on right now. That being said, I noticed very few stores did more than add some vinyl window lettering or generic poster boards to existing displays to promote these mark-downs. These are some impressive windows I came across that stood out by going above and beyond:

1. Diesel had some fun with bold orange yarn and etching-style scissor and needle cut-outs (see another view here).

2. Though not complicated or necessarily expensive, Lacoste's sporadically stacked "S" "A" "L" and "E" boxes were really playful and eye-catching.

3. Forever 21 propped their mannequins on washers and dryers and had them hang their "S" "A" "L" and "E" laundry on clotheslines—how delightfully unexpected (see another view here)!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mood Board // Glittery

My first mood board of the year reflects my optimism for 2011: it's gonna be bright, bold, and sparkle-y! I've made some fairly brazen moves already and am really looking forward to pushing myself this year: creatively, professionally, and introspectively. I hope to look back a year from now and think that the risks I've taken have allowed myself to reach a level of success I could not have achieved by playing it safe. Here's to a DAZZLING new year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holiday Windows

Before I leave the Big Apple for some family, friends, fruitcake & eggnog, I wanted to post some pics of my favorite holiday windows of the season. As always, check out my Flickr Window Displays set to see more!

1. Barneys' (always) cheeky and over-the-top windows, with this year's "Have a Foodie Holiday" theme. I love the way they integrate product: pans painted with pop-art portraits, Paula Deen wrapped in a snuggie...

2. Emporio Armani's twisted vine windows. The hanging bags and accessories really pop against the lime green; very sleek and sophisticated.

3. Kleinfeld's glassy arctic windows. Though I would never step foot in this store, the mirrored "Polar Bear/Ice Queen" display is a lot of fun to view from the street!

4. Diesel's (always) daring and controversial "Naughty or Nice" windows. What can I say: I have a soft spot in my heart for trashy plastic Christmas decorations!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mood Board // Kaleidoscope

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love a good schtick! Especially when it's fun and playful. Which is why I am drawn to the idea of incorporating kaleidoscopic elements into design. Century 21 has been manipulating the fashion photography in their recent branding campaign for a cheeky yet polished effect (love those bus wraps!), while the repeated legs on the Pretty Polly packaging conveys an old-Hollywood showgirl feel. Remember that amazing Chemical Brothers video by Michel Gondry in the late 90s? Well he neurotically created the kaleidoscopic effect using multiple props and actors, but the result when rendering digitally or simply using mirrors can be just as kooky. Fischerspooner's "The Best Revenge" video is super trippy and spacey, while this video by the Japanese girl group The Suzan is totally cute and glittery (read more on Pattern Pulp!) And speaking of Japanese, one of my favorite Japanese design firms, Sunday Vision, created an elegant and regal kaleidoscopic illustration as their visual of the month. Finally, check out these interactive animations on the Genevieve Jones website, designed by again one of my fave's designedmemory.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Flickr Set // Packaging & Merchandising

I've decided to start a new Flickr set to compliment my Window Displays set: a Packaging and Merchandising set. I guess, after photographing from the sidewalk, it makes sense to start documenting the great design that goes on inside stores (though it does involve being a bit more stealthy!) I was spurred to action after, frustrated by not being able to get good photos of the Juicy Couture windows on Fifth Avenue due to the glaring sun, I stepped inside to find that Juicy Couture has the most exciting, whimsical, stunning visual merchandising and product packaging I've come across in quite some time! Some of the highlights include: heaps of necklaces adorning taxidermy deer heads, socks displayed on a retro ceramic dog statuette, "sale" signs created by painting over gold-framed oil paintings, and Juicy's baroque-punk perfume bottles arranged in vignettes around the store. Though I wouldn't be caught dead in a velour jumpsuit, I would seriously love to move into this store! I look forward to adding more content to this set soon, but you can check out all the Juicy Couture photos now!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mood Board // Animal Print

I've come to realize that I relish the look of eccentric old ladies, which of course means lots and lots of animal print! Personally, I see animal print almost as a neutral, like a black or denim, which not only means it can look great with other patterns (see my earlier "mixed patterns" mood board) but also mixed among species. I swear, I've mixed snake, leopard, and giraffe print among my apartment decor, and it looks amazing. Not convinced? Check out this mixed animal print Lanvin dress! But don't get me wrong: animal print doesn't always have to be over-the-top. I love the elegant minimalism of this Zebra wine packaging. And Kate Spade, who has an uncanny knack for mixing "quirky" with "chic", integrated candy colors and sequins to make these perfectly sumptuous leopard print bags.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mood Board // Gothic

In honor of Halloween, my latest mood board is inspired by the goth trend. I'm sure most would agree, Alexander McQueen, RIP, was the king of high-fashion goth (hello ribcage corset). And let's be honest, I adore the macabre in all it's manifestations. But I undoubtedly most love how this aesthetic has become prevalent in jewelry design. Pamela Love exemplifies this creepy-meets-dreamy aesthetic with pieces like the Talon Cuff and Dagger Rosary Necklace. And although perhaps not exactly practical, these Bijules Serpensive Nail Rings are eerily alluring (and as completely impractical person, I want one). In terms of interior decor, D.L. & Company defies gothic elegance with "curious" items like this Silver Thorn Apple and EXQUISITE Skull and Snake candle (note: I stress it's level of exquisite since it indeed looks vicious sitting on my coffee table). But of all the gothic items I've come across as of late, the most genuinely "goth" has to be this headstone for Factory Records co-founder Tony Wilson, designed by none other than the prolific, record-sleeve-designing Peter Saville.

Exquisite Corpse: Hallows Eve Mix

My friend Liz and I have started working together on creative projects under the moniker Salt & Ash. One of our non-client undertakings is an exquisite corpse project where we plan to create mix albums along with coinciding artwork. I took the reigns for the inaugural album, which was inspired by my favorite holiday: Halloween. Please feel free to DOWNLOAD HERE!

Liz: Your element for the next album is... a "drop". Get to work, girl!

And for the record: Our nom de guerre comes from our favorite cocktail, The Salt & Ash {Chichicapa Mezcal, Grapefruit-infused El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Lapsang Sweet Vermouth, Marashino, Agave, Angostura, Orange Bitters} from the Counting Room in Brooklyn. Tasty.