Thursday, April 26, 2007

Estudio de Diseño // Zoveck

So I have been doing a lot of research looking for inspiring imagery for an impending tattoo (appointment is June 29th with Stephanie from New York Adorned, more to come!) and came across this fantastic group of designers from Mexico named Zoveck. They create the most incredible vintage/kitsch/mexicana imagery for an array of projects ranging from print and animation to individual art work. Check out their site which is fun in and of itself. I am currently trying to obtain a copy of their book called Manual Ilustrado de Magia Blanca but have had no luck as of yet; if anyone knows of a foreign/hard-to-find book distributor that may be able to help me, perhaps you could pass along their contact info? Though it may turn out that it's just a limited edition monograph, in which case I'm out of luck, but my Spanish is quite limited so I can't decipher from what I've found thus far!



valiente said...

Thanks for the add, I'm El Valiente Carrasco from Zoveck estudio, the book that you want is sold out, I have some one for me but I can send you one copy, I glad that you have, you only must pay the delivery.
I need an address for delivery.

my e-mail is

valiente said...

and sorry for the bad english