Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lucia Soap Packaging

This soap packaging is fantastic. A. The patterns and colors are quite elegant. B. The flourished ligature between the C and I in the logo is adorable. Via Dieline.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girly Graphics

A lot of my disposable income goes towards design books, and my favorite of late is Girly Graphics. This book, published by PIE Books, is "an interpretation of lovely, sweet and glamorous graphic design". The chapters are divided by aesthetics such as "Glamorous & Gorgeous", "Sweet & Fresh" and "Romantic & Fairy-Tale". About 300 projects are presented, including ads, catalogs, packaging, promotions, logos, etc. All work is by Japanese designers, who let's be honest, are masters of cute and whimsey. My favorite designs are for the store Laforet by Nagi Noda. See sample pages from the book here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mandate of Heaven

I recently came across a few Mandate of Heaven pieces at a boutique in LES and am so pleased that I took down their name to google when I returned home. Not only do I love their totally girly, 40's-glamish clothing (apparently made mostly with recycled and/or vintage material), but I'm also completely obsessed with their punky/art deco graphic aesthetic. Everything is very diy looking: single-image web pages, photos taken in lived-in apartments, animated gif-ish videos (the most recent set to this fantastic 90's gem) And everything has a touch of golden era of Hollywood flair: splashes of mint green, decorative typefaces, and plenty of feathers and cocktail hats. I just missed their Spring 09 show during Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, but luckily ThreadBanger has a video here.

Hello World! Part Deuce.

I've cleared out most of the old posts and am starting anew...