Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holiday Windows

Before I leave the Big Apple for some family, friends, fruitcake & eggnog, I wanted to post some pics of my favorite holiday windows of the season. As always, check out my Flickr Window Displays set to see more!

1. Barneys' (always) cheeky and over-the-top windows, with this year's "Have a Foodie Holiday" theme. I love the way they integrate product: pans painted with pop-art portraits, Paula Deen wrapped in a snuggie...

2. Emporio Armani's twisted vine windows. The hanging bags and accessories really pop against the lime green; very sleek and sophisticated.

3. Kleinfeld's glassy arctic windows. Though I would never step foot in this store, the mirrored "Polar Bear/Ice Queen" display is a lot of fun to view from the street!

4. Diesel's (always) daring and controversial "Naughty or Nice" windows. What can I say: I have a soft spot in my heart for trashy plastic Christmas decorations!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mood Board // Kaleidoscope

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love a good schtick! Especially when it's fun and playful. Which is why I am drawn to the idea of incorporating kaleidoscopic elements into design. Century 21 has been manipulating the fashion photography in their recent branding campaign for a cheeky yet polished effect (love those bus wraps!), while the repeated legs on the Pretty Polly packaging conveys an old-Hollywood showgirl feel. Remember that amazing Chemical Brothers video by Michel Gondry in the late 90s? Well he neurotically created the kaleidoscopic effect using multiple props and actors, but the result when rendering digitally or simply using mirrors can be just as kooky. Fischerspooner's "The Best Revenge" video is super trippy and spacey, while this video by the Japanese girl group The Suzan is totally cute and glittery (read more on Pattern Pulp!) And speaking of Japanese, one of my favorite Japanese design firms, Sunday Vision, created an elegant and regal kaleidoscopic illustration as their visual of the month. Finally, check out these interactive animations on the Genevieve Jones website, designed by again one of my fave's designedmemory.