Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Street Posters

I've been meaning to photograph these St. Germain street posters for quite some time. It's so refreshing to see liquor promoted in an artistic, nostalgic manner, as opposed to the typical "models and bottles" cliche. The typography is quite elegant, love the mint green/gold color combo, and the vintage wallpaper texture fits perfectly with the french boudoir aesthetic. And of course the black and white cheesecake photography is striking. Designed by Oregon-based Sandstrom Design. Read a great assessment from an advertising perspective here.


annie said...

super cool posters! martha and i were just talking about them and how they are really eye-catching.

Sunny said...

I am getting married August 22nd and my married name will be St. Germain! I'm serving the liqueur as a champagne cocktail and I would love to have a great poster to put behind the bar...would you consider sending me your full size photos so I could blow one up and use it at the wedding?
Thanks so much,
Sunny Jones