Monday, January 25, 2010

Mood Board // Anaglyphs

As previously revealed in my post on Op Art, I don't always need an insightful reason to like something. In some instances, just being unique and eye-catching works for me. Which is how I feel about the Anaglyph trend I've been witnessing of late. Feel free to read about the science of it all here. My earliest encounter with this technique used in design probably holds true for many graphic designers my age: Stefan Sagmeister's "Made You Look" monograph cover (published in 2001, and which upon reading we find was a technique he previously used for an album cover). But what was once just a cool gimmick seems to have manifested itself into a trendy technique employed in the design of everything from editorial and environmental graphics to fashion and furniture. I adore how Marios Schwab went anaglyph crazy with the prints in his Fall 2009 collection. If you are feeling inspired you can visit the website of talented interactive designer Paul Neave and doodle your own anaglyph-- it looks cool even if you don't have the filtering red and blue glasses!

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