Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Window Displays // Sale!

There are a helluvalot of post-holiday sales going on right now. That being said, I noticed very few stores did more than add some vinyl window lettering or generic poster boards to existing displays to promote these mark-downs. These are some impressive windows I came across that stood out by going above and beyond:

1. Diesel had some fun with bold orange yarn and etching-style scissor and needle cut-outs (see another view here).

2. Though not complicated or necessarily expensive, Lacoste's sporadically stacked "S" "A" "L" and "E" boxes were really playful and eye-catching.

3. Forever 21 propped their mannequins on washers and dryers and had them hang their "S" "A" "L" and "E" laundry on clotheslines—how delightfully unexpected (see another view here)!

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