Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mood Board // Gothic

In honor of Halloween, my latest mood board is inspired by the goth trend. I'm sure most would agree, Alexander McQueen, RIP, was the king of high-fashion goth (hello ribcage corset). And let's be honest, I adore the macabre in all it's manifestations. But I undoubtedly most love how this aesthetic has become prevalent in jewelry design. Pamela Love exemplifies this creepy-meets-dreamy aesthetic with pieces like the Talon Cuff and Dagger Rosary Necklace. And although perhaps not exactly practical, these Bijules Serpensive Nail Rings are eerily alluring (and as completely impractical person, I want one). In terms of interior decor, D.L. & Company defies gothic elegance with "curious" items like this Silver Thorn Apple and EXQUISITE Skull and Snake candle (note: I stress it's level of exquisite since it indeed looks vicious sitting on my coffee table). But of all the gothic items I've come across as of late, the most genuinely "goth" has to be this headstone for Factory Records co-founder Tony Wilson, designed by none other than the prolific, record-sleeve-designing Peter Saville.

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